What Exactly is this Metaverse?

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Imagine yourself meeting with people all over the world virtually. Not only conversations, everyday tasks that require minimal attention to be completed in your presence, like grocery shopping, studying, job duties in an artificial world, using some special glasses. How does it sound?
Doesn’t it sound depressing??

Researchers and Scientists predict that a technology called Metaverse might replace the internet in the future. Well, that sounds quite interesting. Isn’t it?

But wait!!!

What is this Metaverse?
Metaverse is a combination of two words Meta+Versa. The word Meta has its origins in Greek, which means Beyond, and the Verse comes from the word Universe. In that sense, it defines a universe beyond our imagination.
Metaverse is an artificially created universe. Metaverse would be a world where you can completely go all in 3- Dimensions. For instance, when you watch a 3-D movie, you wouldn’t just see the scenes but feels like sitting next to the characters and watching the incidents in real.

Finding yourself curious?
If yes, then you must know Dystopian Society.
Have you ever heard of Dystopian world?
In 1992, a novelist named Neal Stephenson wrote Snow Crash, in which he mentioned the world where real-life has been devastated, weak, and non-existent. People were confined to their rooms and buildings and living a miserable life on a virtually created planet called Dystopian World. Neal was the person who used the word ‘Metaverse’ in his science fiction for the very first time.
How does it work?
METAVERSE is a fusion of two technologies, ‘ Virtual reality+ Augmented reality. Other than these, 5G (5th Generation) would be the limelight of the show. To create an enormous virtual world, we’d constantly need to upload and download an immense amount of data. For this, we’d need extremely high internet speed. Talking about the Metaverse, how can we forget to mention Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.
Buying anything in Metaverse would be done through digital currency, this is where Cryptocurrencies come into play. To support these large transactions and avoid any possibility of data breaches, blockchains might be utilized.

Metaverse may sound fascinating, the real question is, do we need it??
Ask yourself !!!!




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