The Journey of Whatsapp (2009–2012)

Photo by HeikoAL from Pixabay

Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan koum after getting multiple rejections from renowned companies like Twitter, Facebook, and many to name after.

That was merely a thought modified into an application that notifies others about your status, whether you are busy or free.

Does Whatsapp mean What’s up??. Indeed, Jan Koum structured this app to inform his friends about his current status, whether he is available to take the calls or busy. Initially, the application does not have messaging services.

Yes, you are reading right Whatsapp, didn’t frame to send messages, pictures, and videos.

People who turned the feature of showing status into sending messages considered ideals to bring this change. Then founders decided to work on the frame of changing WhatsApp into a messaging service application.

This idea of converting into a messaging app proved a blockbuster hit back in 2009. Since it was only blackberry messenger(BBM) giving unpaid messaging services to people other than Whatsapp in that period. Soon, Whatsapp crossed two lakh users and earned customers’ reliability globally without any advertisement or marketing.

Within the next two years, the app became one of the top 10 apps in the Appstore. Talking about the expenses, initially, there was minimal tariff to run Whatsapp. It was only the cost of sending an SMS verification code when new users joined. As Whatsapp neither had market nor advertisements to settle the only highest expense of verification text. So to fix this problem they had to find some alternative.

Where could they get money for this?. Some investors came but didn’t count useful so, they started a new business model in which Whatsapp will charge $1 per year from their customers.

Many investors thought it might change the customer’s minds and force them to use any other application.

Hurray!!! Whatsapp still had a million users chain that helped it to clinched the top place in Appstore before marking its foot in 2012.

All things went well until they got an offer from a company owner to rule over WhatsApp. Guess, Who could be??




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